KOŁO UO bikes: How does it work?


STEP 1: Read the regulations and agreement carefully, only after accepting them you can rent a bike. You can find the regulations here and agreement here.


STEP 2: Take all the necessary documents and go to the Academic Career Centre Office (Mrowisko Dormitory, room 27). There you can sign the rental agreement for either a weekend or an entire week.

Choose a bike. You can choose one of the 10 bicycles that have been prepared for you.


STEP 3: After 5 days return the bike into rental office.

You can find us at the Academic Career Centre Office (Mrowisko Dormitory, room 27).


STEP 4: Rent a bike and don’t forget about us on Instagram #koloUO #opolenakole and Facebook.
  1. Rented bicycles are the property of the University of Opole.
  2. Bicycles are equipped with lights (white or selective yellow light in the front, towards rear, one red retroreflector and one red light that may be blinking), at least one working brake, warning signal, and a security rope.
  3. The rented bicycles are in a technically working condition and have to be returned in the same technical condition.
  4. In order to rent a bicycle you have to:
    1. bring your ID card or passport and a valid student card,
    2. have a student status,
    3. be of legal age or in case of a minor user, present the permission of your parent or a legal guardian,
    4. sign the bicycle rental agreement, accepting the Bicycle Rental conditions
  5. The Lessee is personally responsible for the rented bicycle.
  6. It is forbidden to pass the bicycle to third parties.
  7. The Lessee waives all claims against the Bicycle Rental for accidents, damage or injury occurring within the duration of use of the rented bicycle.
  8. In the case of leaving the bicycle outside of the Bicycle Rental, it needs to be secured against theft with the use of the security rope with the key, provided with the bicycle.
  9. The Lessee bears full responsibility for the damage from the beginning to the end of the rental period.
  10. In the event of bicycle theft the lessee is obliged to:
    1. notify the Academic Career Centre of the University of Opole using phone number: 77 452 70 54,
    2. without delay notify the Police and present the police certificate on the reporting of the theft to the Academic Career Centre of the University of Opole
  11. The Lessee bears all costs in case the bicycle is stolen, damaged or has to be restored to the condition as before rental.
  12. The Bicycle Rental bears no responsibility for the hidden defects.
  13. If the University of Opole employee considers a Customer as unreliable, he or she may refuse to rent a bicycle to this Client without giving a reason.
  14. The rented bicycle has to be returned by the end of the declared period.

Academic Career Centre
The University of Opole

Mrowisko Dormitory, room 27
89 Katowicka, 45-061 Opole